It is important to properly maintain your shears. Sukotto offers top quality lifetime sharpening service on all Sukotto shears. We also offer our sharpening services for all non-Sukotto shears.  Keep your hairstyling tools sharp and precise, trusts the experts, trust the dragonfly.

Protect Yourself Against Improper Sharpening

Improper sharpening can ruin your expensive shears.  Uninsured, independent sharpeners are a risk to your business. DragonFly Sharpening by John Toscano is one the world's most precise systems.


My Journey of 32 years in the sharpening industry with a loyal and strong customer base has been very rewarding. I have trained 13 successful sharpeners. Also I’m the Owner of Custom Edge Shears and Partner in Suckotto scissors and Toscano Shear Company. Join me and let me keep it sharp for you.

Sukotto only uses the highest grade alloys for its high performance shears. This is a guarantee that each shear is made with the metal described and that there are no metal fillers or undescribed materials combined. Send in your shears for sharpening to ensure proper service.